Thank you for visiting our site. Me and my team provide nanny services for families on holiday in Bali to help you with your loved ones so you can all enjoy your break! Whether you need a daily nanny service or a live-in nanny during your holiday, you can trust BaliChildCare Services to supply a reliable and experienced nanny for your family.


 Your nanny will accompany you and your children, keeping them entertained and caring for their personal needs. Your nanny can play and swim with your children, feed them, bath and toilet them and put them to bed. That way, you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

I started my career as a babysitter in 2008 and have been handling many families since then. All of my team have minimum of one year experience in working with children.


  My team are  friends of mine who are also doing the babysitting job. They are people that I can count on to help the family when I can’t handle it myself or if there is a family in need of couple of nannies. I want to make sure that other nannies that I recommend  can be trusted and will do their best to keep the children and the parents satisfied,  just like I do. We will always try to do our very best to give a high quality service for the families who hire us.


 The nanny can live-in or can come on a daily basis for up to 12 hours. with a Minimum of 4 hours of work daily and a Maximum of 8 hours. You may ask the nanny for work more than 8 hours but we will charge you over time rate.

 BaliChildCare looks forward to be soon at your service.



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